To have anal sex with a girl. The base past home plate.
Dude, I just got past home plate with Jillian! I made it to dugout!
by pimp72 November 12, 2006
The area created between a womans panties and her belly. usually when the hips are wider than the stomach. Very nice.
sometimes you can see right down to the garden of heavenly delights!
The Dugout has to be seen.
If I could post a picture I would.
use you imagination for chrissakes!
by madewan November 19, 2008
Referring to anal sex when defined by the sexual bases example. Some refer to it as the 5th Base.
"That chick last night was crazy, she went straight for a Home Run, then let me sit in the dugout."
by DeadSucubus March 28, 2015

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