Derived in the Acton/Sudbury area of London, dug out is a term to describe the act of a boy stimulating a girls clitoris.
Kerri got dug out behind the bike sheds after school.

Char: I hooked up with that hot Aussie guy last night.
Nikki: Did he dig you out?
Char: Of course
by Miss Nikki P February 26, 2009
A cunt, twat or pussy
I slammed da bitch's dug out
by Joey August 10, 2003
slang term for a womans sweet spot, aka the vagina
see ice cube's "tha dugout"
by JH12 June 24, 2005
recieving no action, what happens before first base (not making it to first base), most often a temporary state
"Currently I'm still in the dugout. i need me some ACTION."
by mealsies May 11, 2007

Vagina, shaven or not. See also "Nappy Dugout"
"When it comes right down to it, dugout is dugout"
by Leroy December 05, 2003
along with baseball oriented sexual progression euphemisms (i.e. first base: making out, second: hand jobs, et cetera), "dugout" refers to sex up the pooper
i need to wash twice after playing in the dugout
by Ian Wetzel September 18, 2004
To defecate in a public urinal. Called so because it has to be "dug out" of the urinal. Not to be confused with the "upper decker".
I was pissed off with the service at the restaurant, so I went to the bathroom and left them a dugout.
by David September 20, 2005
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