Like fugly.

Derived from a really ugly person named Doug. Hence, Dugly.
'Dude. That guys SO EFFING DUGLY!!'
by fishykake July 10, 2008
Top Definition
adjective, Dog ugly
fuck! that bitch was dugly.
by gc442 September 30, 2006
When two people who are ugly and dumb have children together the child will be dumb and ugly hence the word dugly.
Justin and his girlfriend are so dumb and ugly their children will be dugly.
by nighthawk dragon May 05, 2010
dugly: when a fugly person gives a duckface for their facebook photo.
Did you see Janets dugly photo on facebook?
by joe32369 March 16, 2011
damn ugly; worse than fugly
Man, he sure was dugly!!!
by Meghan Rose January 01, 2005
Dog Ugly; someone (male or female) who is as ugly as a dog's ass.
"Mate, your mother is making out with that really REALLY ugly guy again. He is seriously dugly"
by JoTony August 24, 2014
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