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(verb) to avoid
yo kfales why you duggin me?
by leahmac932 August 02, 2009
12 4
Short egotistical quiz giving retard.
Did you see that mama's boy? What a duggins!
by Me...Me...Me... June 30, 2004
12 9
Masterful quiz-giving teacher that is highly respected (and rummored to be hot).
Duggins' AP euro class is so cool i think im going to take it next year!
by Curtis November 22, 2004
8 13
to consume alcoholic beverages
you duggin tonight? nah im pussyfootin... (lookup pussyfootin)
by Marcus Snyder July 17, 2003
5 13
a way to say how are you
yo kevin whats duggin?

oh nothing much. you?
by kevin August 08, 2004
5 20