Top Definition
(verb) to avoid
yo kfales why you duggin me?
#cup #boss #avoid #wall #daniel
by leahmac932 August 02, 2009
Short egotistical quiz giving retard.
Did you see that mama's boy? What a duggins!
by Me...Me...Me... June 30, 2004
Masterful quiz-giving teacher that is highly respected (and rummored to be hot).
Duggins' AP euro class is so cool i think im going to take it next year!
by Curtis November 22, 2004
to consume alcoholic beverages
you duggin tonight? nah im pussyfootin... (lookup pussyfootin)
by Marcus Snyder July 17, 2003
a way to say how are you
yo kevin whats duggin?

oh nothing much. you?
by kevin August 08, 2004
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