In street prostitution, the dugan solicits customers while waiting at street corners or walking alongside a street, sometimes dressed in suggestive clothing. Often the dugan (commonly called a "hooker" or "street hooker" to distinguish them from other sex workers) appears to mind his or her own business and waits for the customer to initiate contact. This is also known as dugan hunting
"Yo bitch, what you dugan tonight?"
This is a common pick up line a dugan hunter would use to catch the attention of the said dugan.
by Hunter Dugan June 11, 2006
slang reference used in place of someone's name when speaking to a friend, homie, or associate who may possibly be slow, stupid, or idiotic.
"way to rep it, dugan..."

"masterful analogist you are, young dugan..."

"it's poetry, dugan."
by VBL August 22, 2006
The act of rubbing your hand on your testicles and then wiping your ball sweat under someones nose. Mostly used between friends and for payback purposes.
Hey, that guy just tried to pants me in front of the class,
so I duganed him when he least expected it.
by Sean F. May 24, 2006
Douchey hard rock music, like Five Finger Death Punch, or any All That Remains album after the Fall of Ideals. Made famous by the video "Creed shreds".
"Ew... is that Volbeat? Could we not listen to dugan, please?
by moamulti August 18, 2016
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