Dirty Ugly Girl Syndrome.

Its when your buddy thinks he is quite the ladies man,while dating the nastiest girl possible. Everyone else sees it but him.
"Dang man did you see that chick he's been hooking up with, yeh he's got a bad case of dugs."

"Go pick up that blonde over there, maybe she can cure his dugs."
by BrEwZ February 14, 2009
In Baltimore, the word meaning dog.
" Yo! You see that three-legged dug running up the street?"
by Bmore_babi July 22, 2006
designated ugly girl
is a term used to define the girl in a group of young women who is not as attractive as the others. is the only one of the group to have drivers license

those girls are all hot except the dug
by Knepper March 16, 2007
term used to refer to a friend, rooting from the word dawg.

Pronunciation: doug
wut up dug?

dug! you wilin.
by westbrook01 April 19, 2009
The waste that comes out of your starfish.
Hey dad i need to go for a dug.
by feeb August 18, 2003
A video game reference. Meaning you grave has just been dug, which in turn you are in it dead. It mainly means that you have been serverly owned.
Man, you just got dug!
by M1tch January 15, 2006
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