1. A term often used in Yugioh representing a match between people in cards.

2. The reason why some Yugioh haters think Yugioh is a kid's answer to violence.

3. Walk back ten paces, turn, and fire!
It's time to duel!

*slaps you with a glove* We duel at dawn!
by G4CardShark February 27, 2005
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When two males stand face to face and proceed to masturbate in the direction of each other. The person to be ejaculated on first loses the duel.
I tried to get off quickly in the duel, but he cummed all over me before I got off.
by Adam Foley November 29, 2006
A challenge between two people to settle a score. To initiate a duel, a duelist must demand satisfaction.
*slap with glove*
What? I demand satisfaction sir!
Let us duel, what shall be your weapon of choice?
1. battle to the death
2. A classic film directed by Spielberg
by Anonymous September 16, 2003
Do U Even Lift?(sometimes spelt Do You Even Lift?)
"D.U.E.L? bruh?"
"Hell yeah mofo...just...not consistently...u know...??"
by HeadQuartered January 11, 2015
A contest between two individuals, no more, no less (er, obviously). Despite what Mr. Anonymous would have you think, it is not necessarily a battle to the death. A chess match could be considered a duel, as could a swordfight, or a naked mudwrestling contest (between women, of course. Naked men mudwrestling is a fucking crime against nature).
"I challenge you to a duel! Pick up your pugel stick! GLADIATORS, RRRRRREADY?"
by Coaldrone January 24, 2004
an uberific nerd fight
Hey Frederick, I recently obtained the Power of the Dragon-Wizard, let's duel!
by asdf1234 May 30, 2007
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