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The chick form of the word dude
Dude.. that is one hot dudette
by Bryan August 30, 2004
A girl dude. A female.
That dudette has a nice rack.
by cartman5000 July 27, 2004
n: Early 90's West Coast slang for a woman; gender compliment to "dude".
"Good evening dudes and dudettes"
by gallavad August 30, 2004
A female dude, aka a female friend
"Wussup dudette!"
by Shady K March 09, 2003
The girl version of a dude...or a d00d if your feeling 1337.
"Yo dude!"
"Dude, I'm a dudette."
by Why the fuck should I tell you? August 29, 2004
Female version of dude.
Word to call ur closest friends.
Yo yo ma dudette!!!!!!!!!!!
by Amoi February 22, 2005
A girl dude
hey dudette how r u?
by babydunn October 28, 2003