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a mafia that has everything covered in duct tape: shoes' waletes, and even underwear, back packs originated in woodland,ca

all started with a sipmle braclet
wow did you see that hekka cool braclet i got, well im in the Duct tape mafia
by rudaffa October 13, 2007
The duct tape mafia is a gang of counter culture teens who affiliate them selfs with each other via duct tape on them selfs, often the duct tape has D.T.M or designs written on it.
preppy 1-"Why is there duct tape on that guys shoulder"
preppy 2-"Cause I don't know maybe he's mental"
punk 1-"No he's part of the duct tape mafia"
preppy 1 and 2 "what?"
by juggernaut911 January 03, 2008