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you and your partner's sexual fantasy combined into some hardcore stiff cock riding action all freakin day
Lucas gave me duco
by marcus hurney May 27, 2004
Basically the same as "homie" "Holmes" "N*gga" Whatever floats your boat, i don't mean the N word rascally, just as another synonym for "homie". I just personally think Duco sounds better, i recall hearing it more in NYC and origins may be of mexican or latin (american) heritage).

******side note, some use as one of those words you can replace any noun with the said word...(duco).
Whats up Duco?

******side note:Did you Duco that B*tch last night or what Duco?
by Jay ToThe Double-U Double-O SH January 22, 2014
to defaecate
Last night Rachel O was feeling especially wild so she decided to duco on her boyfriend's chest.
by hurttoe July 31, 2009
Playing runescape throughout the early morning hours after having consumed a large amount of alcohol.
"holy shit man i totally pulled a Duco last night and scaped till 7am"
by r00nscape August 11, 2008
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