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2)something that's too hard to imagine.
3)a false fact.
In a forum, someone said that "Rapper A announced that he will collaborate with Rapper B", in which a reader responds back, "that's ducktales".
by Nucleo Bomz March 15, 2005
54 23
telling a lie or a made up story.
Nigga u tellin duck tales! Yo Calvin u and your duck tales.
by Davishken Hermishizer March 28, 2004
93 16
1. One of the best cartoons ever.

2. To tell a lie or fabricated story
1. Dude I'm gonna go watch Ducktales.

2. Stop telling your ducktales. Seriously.
by Cartoon fan September 18, 2008
69 11
A false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood. Made famous by the song 'bigger picture' ft Cam'ron and Juelz Santana.
Cam'ron-"Go tell disney all your f*ckin ducktales!!"
by jessika davis January 11, 2006
78 22
The telling of an unfactual story.
You didn't do that, stop telling duck tales.
by E Style February 11, 2006
54 13
to fabricate one's story; to lie out your ass;
Nigga, stop lying. We know your entire story is ducktales.
by that nigga marcus graham June 13, 2006
33 20
dat ho wuz tellin ducktales that she aint got no AIDS
by Misz.Juelz Santana 908 November 29, 2005
28 20