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When two individuals engage in oral sex immediately after having sexual intercourse. Derived from the animal itself, ducks eat the stuff off the grass after a rainfall, like oral sex after sex.
"you wanna duck fuck?"
by melissa3delta May 04, 2006
The aftermath of a brutal pounding in which the female waddles around like a duck for weeks or even months at a time.
Jenny: Hey, Liz why are you walking like that?

Liz: Frank duck fucked me so hard last night.
by SwagBoi234 August 15, 2010
When a female takes two Pringles and inserts them inside her vagina. One of the Pringles is upside down creating a duck bill. After this the male fucks her through the hole. Thus a Duck Fuck.
Dyson: " oh I finally got my dick inside Mikayla's bill. It was a mean Duck Fuck!"
by YOTES AND HOES February 14, 2014
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