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The old "duck 'n' mumble is an age old technique for avoiding any one who seeks to interupt you in your never ending quest to buy shite from shops. For instance, Big Issue sellers, strange middle #age women with clip boards who "only need a minute love", or the vultures from the compensation companies.
Basically, you bow the head slightly, perhaps with a look away from the idiot in question, and mumble an apology.
{Big Issue Joey}: Biiiiiiiiiiig Isssssue saaar?
{You, giveing the old duck 'n' mumble, and talking in a barely legible way}:*mumble* no thanks mate* *mumble

This can be replaced with "I'm too busy", "Sorry mate", or a personal favourite, "Piss off"
by Waster September 30, 2005

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