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The highly addictive form of music created around the heavy bass sounds that glub monsters make when they talk/communicate.
Yo, I need a fix, put on that dubstep and let them glub monsters break it down son!
by The Undisputed Original P-DuBS October 31, 2010
An awesome kind of bleepy, bloopy, bloppy grinding electro music that sounds like powertools being blared out in a garage with kick-ass bass guaranteed to make your speakers explode.
Awesome person with great taste in music 1: I love Dubstep because i am an awesome person with a great taste in music.
Awesome person with great taste in music 2: I also love Dubstep because i also happen to be an awesome person with a great taste in music.
by le penis head March 15, 2011
The Flying Spaghetti Monster's gift to humanity.
Guy 1: Did you hear the new dubstep song?
Guy 2: Yeah, it's really a gift from The Flying Spaghetti Monster.
by H.C. Andersen March 17, 2011
Music so orgasmic you have urges to find a mate and have rough sex.

Bass so low that even hell is fucking along.
Causes vibrations of sex capacity.
Also a means of communication.
My girlfriend use to hate dubstep, until she sat on the speaker.

person 1: what you listening to on your ipod?
person 2: sorry, let me finish my beatalicious wank first.

boyfriend: I don't wub wub wub wub wub wub you anymore.
girlfriend: wuck wuck wuck wuck wuck you then.
by Grammar Nazi over 9000 August 04, 2011
Dubstep is probably one of the best music genres in the world.
by Let's define this shit May 08, 2011
The best genre of music out right now. Even though some of it sounds like Transformers making love it's still amazing. it creates eargasms and possible even full on orgasms. Like for instance: if you listen to sierra leone u will ejaculate.
Drug Junkie: Hey man you got some change so i can get me my fix of Dubstep.

Pedestrian(Male): Well if it's for Dubstep I guess it's ok. Here you go

Drug Junkie: Oh thanks man you did what Jesus would do.
by xblack attackx July 28, 2011
A form of hip hop in which the vocal artist is replaced with synthesizers and sound samples to produce obnoxious sounds in frequency ranges above 200hz. A sub bass is later added.
let's watch some youtube dubstep videos
by nymphedrine January 06, 2011