Sexual:(Moan Moan Moan Moan Moan Moan) DDDAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!
Spanish: La musica orgasmica
French: La musique orgasmique
Simplified Chinese: 高潮音乐
Arabic: النشوة الموسيق
Greek: οργασμική μουσική
Russian: оргазма музыки
Latin: orgasmic musicae
English: Orgasmic Music
Accelerated English: The one music genre that's known for giving something that Beiber's music never will: Wet Moments. Dubstep fucks your mind to the 3rd degree and makes your brain hyper-mega-drunk in order that it subconsciously presses the "SEND ALL BLOOD CELLS TO PENIS TO ERECT IT" button. Thus resulting in a sticky and hopefully white substance exiting your rectum.
Me: (Opening Door) Dude, remember to return my $400 pants after you're do-
Friend: (Hypnotized, drooling, and staring at screen which reads "Youtube: Skrillex Dubstep")
Me: (Angry as hell) WTF!!!!!! I told you those were new pants!
#orgasm #erection #mind-fuck #skrillex #anti-beiber
by TheLegendwhosurvivedtheHood November 13, 2011
A form of music, which is centered around the use of bass and "wubs" to create a beautiful work of art.
Person #1: Do you listen to Dubstep?

Person #2: Why yes I do!
#wub #epic #orgasmic #amazing #delicious?
by Zesty Potato November 05, 2011
Dubstep is a progressive style of drum and bass. Mainstream has a hate-love relationship with it, and as its popularity grows it signals waves of two hand in hand truths within our taste of music. Most would say good dubstep is dirty, but I wouldn't even a dub an artist as a dubstepper you can feel its grime. You will find the few eargasmic artists that are recognized for their rhythmic timing or feel-good remixes. To this, you will find the devoted fans and on the other hand, those who don't see its magnificence. My personal opinion is that if you should appreciate dubsteps' consistent "bass drops" and odd frequencies, you must know the history. Dubstep a few years ago is not what it is today. Track the steps of dub to find what you've been missing. You either love it or hate it, track it or create it.
In relevance to a dirty remix: "(artist) just got dubstepped on!" "as soon as the bassdrop hits i feel a shiver go down my spine and end at my toes" "dirtier than my internet history" "dubstep sounds like elephants farting and shooting water out of their trunks" "I wish I knew how to make dubstep"
#dirty #eargasm #bassdrop #dubstep #dub #music #trance #progressive #dnb
by dr.chronikk November 22, 2010
Genre of electronic dance music which is just drum and bass without the drums. Dubstep is has its roots in London's early 2000s UK garage scene. popular artists are Chase and Staus and Kode9.
Followers of Dubstep also use generally negative terms to describe a song like: ‘dirty’, ‘filthy’, or ‘grimy’ if that song is good. The more dirty/filthy/grimy a particular song is seen as being, the more disturbing subsequent descriptions of the song become. Not unlike The Aristocrats, followers sometimes attempt to outdo each other in these descriptions.

edit Rhythm
Guy1 "hey man check out my new Dubsteps album it's well dirty"
Guy2 "well wash your hands afterwards"
#chase and staus #penis #bass #dance #electronic #drum and bass
by hjt,kyu/pi'ukt May 27, 2010
Music that places emphasis on bass.
*dubstep playing* WUBWUBWWUB

Me: Gotta love dubstep!
#dubstep #sidestep #coughstrep #racetrack #lololol
by I'm BATMAAAAAAAAAN November 15, 2011
A genre that was amazing until late 2010. For years artist like Skream, Kode9 , Benga and Rusko were pushing the envelope. Even the "Brostep" artisits such as Excision and Datsik were great until a point. But somwhere along the line, something went wrong. People became concerned only with how "filthy" the bass drops were. First the artists Datsik and Excision fell. The tracks are all about how fast you could crank an oscilator or how much you could make a robotic voice go "Yah". The artists who killed the face of dubstep were Skrillex, Doctor P, Flux Pavilion, Borgore and Zomboy
I had faith in dubstep until Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites was released
#brostep #drum and bass #skream #dubstep #jungle
by Zacho Max November 27, 2011
A genre which is filthier than putting 4 oysters in your grandmas pussy and sucking out 5.
I have aids bitch.

dubstep. yuck.
#dubstep #pig porn #lesbian #tacos #unicorn #satan
by ghandi666 September 17, 2011
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