Awesome music that makes people dance like fools
Chad: This song is eargasmic but why is everyone dancing weird?
Max: Its dubstep, who can blame them?
by Danny Blaine June 21, 2011
Music created by homosexuals that sounds liken the worst noise ever created that makes you want to commit suicide and is the cause of alzheimers, depression, and cancer, and makes yours ears and brain bleed. Worst fucking music ever do don't listen to if you want these bad things. Dubstep is the source of all things evil.
Why are you playing dubstep Ethan?
Beacuse its legit man!
So do you worship satan, you want to die?
No what the fuck

Whatever i am leaving your stupid
by I hate dubstep May 17, 2011
If your ears could blow a load they would to this :)
I just earjassmed to dubstep
by Zoo82 October 29, 2011
An electro sub-genre that gets your pussy wet even if you're a guy when it drops the bass
Examples of Dubstep?: Skrillex - Cinema
by CYFAWZ October 12, 2011
A genre of music that sounds best paired with a subwoofer and turned all the way up.

It's as addicting as meth, better than sex, filthier than the floor of a crack house in Mexico, is able to produce the most powerful orgasms you've ever had, and creates monsters out of the most civilized.

It's basically just noise, and it's sound cannot be described without the word 'whomp'.
Rock N' Roll, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, & Hey Sexy Lady Remix are all prime examples of some kick ass dubstep, all by Skrillex

Anything by Gary McF, Rusko, or Headhunterz would also Qualify.
by poorlostsouls August 06, 2011
A relatively new form of techno characterized by deep bass lines and womp noises. Dubstep is commonly dirtier than eating out and your grandmother and choking on one of your fathers used condoms.
Child-"mommy, whats that music called?"

Mother- " Oh honey that's just the sound of dirty dubstep music, now leave mommy alone with her bottle of tequila and the dog so that we can make real sexy time."
by river jameser April 28, 2011
Worst thing that's happened to music since bieber.
Fred: Hey let's listen to dub step!

Dan: Douche.

Fred: Not cool mannn, I'm hip because I listen to this.

Dan: Na, you're just gay.
by LetMeRide187 February 24, 2011
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