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A genre of music that uses sounds emitted by analog sound devices the same way techno music uses sounds emitted by digital sound devices. It uses heavy bass and is generally associated with the hip-hop genre and has received heavy criticism due to its lack of melodic definition.
That's some filthy dubstep man!
by Kwing December 12, 2011
God's Music
Dubstep, you will have an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours
by daryn2 April 04, 2011
Step 1: Wait for the bass to drop
Step 2: Have a seizure
1. Wait for it... wait for it...
2. OHSH!T man! /dead
1. Legit dubstep bro, yea?
by Dubmonster November 30, 2011
The practice of translating the sounds of people walking into different languages so that it can be enjoyed by people from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

See Also: "Substep" , "Closedcaptioningstep"
In english to DJ translations they have to dubstep "The horse goes clip-clop, clip-clop." to "Dude I think I just killed that horse! Womp womp womp womp!"
by PocketMonkey February 25, 2011
The noise made when a T-rex rapes a transformer raping an angel.
Dubstep just made me have an eargasm
by Thatguy225 February 08, 2011
A music so filthy, its music notes float nonchalantly around the air, and when they get in your ears, they all have flithy naughty sex.
Man, that dubstep you're playing is having sex in my ears right meow.
by marinaraw October 09, 2010
the drug im addicted to
I do dubstep... don't tell my mom...
by mathew cochino October 03, 2010