orgasmic vibrations ejaculating from your headphones/earbuds.
hey were you masturbating?

no mom i was listening to dubstep
by tmnt handshake January 07, 2011
A genre of music that uses bass and is as filthy than the gulf of mexico. Some can get even filthier than that. It is as addicting as meth and heroine put together.
Let's go cruise. I just put a new soundsystem. I want to blow your mind with this dubstep mix.

Alright, am I going to need to take a shower afterwards?

Two of them.
by krepler September 02, 2010
wub wub wub wub wub (pitch lowers) wub wub wub wub

Thats pretty much all it is with a little bit of an eargasim because its so awesome
by TheArchAngel May 26, 2012
intro music... womp womp WOOOMMPPPP wompwompwomp WOMP wo wo WOMP WOMPPP wwwwOooomPPp wowowommm mmppp WOMP WOOOMPPP WOMP
a sick bass drop in dubstep sounds like :

by sugar kitten baby April 06, 2011
Dubstep is made when two people (sometimes a person and a computer) who really love each other get together and wubwubwubwubwub.
1: That dubstep is dope.
2: Yeah. His name isn't skillex, it's skrillsex.
1: He makes the wubs go hard.
2: I bet that's not the only thing that goes hard.
by wireless February 12, 2012
a high form of music with abundant amounts of sub bass. not to be confused with brostep, which is an abomination.
Dubstep: burial, kode9
Brostep: mt eden, skrillex
by mdsnbutler July 28, 2011
The resulting audible frequency from supernovas.
God used dubstep* as inspiration to create the universe.

by Z1&ONLY April 13, 2011
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