An electronic genre that is where sub bass is key, do not confuse it with brostep, which is made by artists like Skrillex, that have no soul in them, and are made to make money, much like the rest of America's music.

Dubstep is different than brostep. Remember that!
American: Do you wanna go listen to that new dubstep song by Skrillex?

Dubstepper: No, let's go listen to some actual dubstep like Skream or something.
by Vituperat February 26, 2012
Music that stimulates the gustatory sensation of John Waters' anus and uncut Methamphetamine, in a positive way.
Joe: Hey John, are you listening to Dubstep?
John: What's Dubstep, and does it have anything to do with this taste of hooker cous I can't get out of my mouth?
by idogis1 August 18, 2011
The "disco" of the 2010s.
I love dubstep, it is in no way a gimmicky niche genre which people will make fun of me for liking in 2022.
by Frisco Pete January 24, 2013
a genre of music which sounds a lot like robots having intense outbursts of sexual intercourse, followed by an orgasm
(dubstep music playing) friend: "WTF IS THAT?!?!" me: "that my friend, is megatron ."
by musicmannnnnn July 03, 2012
wub wub wub wub wub (pitch lowers) wub wub wub wub

Thats pretty much all it is with a little bit of an eargasim because its so awesome
by TheArchAngel May 26, 2012
A genre of music that people either like or hate. Some have tone-deafness and can't hear the difference between songs, and therefore hate it. Others have the ability to hear the different styles and not immediately assume some dope-head dipshit made it.
Person w/o tone deafness: This is a good dubstep composer!
Person w/ tone deafness: Holy shit! My speakers are broken!
by Killah883 April 19, 2012
music that wouldn't be all that bad if its fans weren't annoying.

fun to listen to at parties/while on drugs.. not so much fun in other situations. in this aspect, it is similar to hip-hop.

highly overrated, but not horrible.
*at a party*

person 1: this dubstep is pretty fun to dance to and it really makes me want to dance.
person 2: hey man want some drugs?

*hanging out with a friend*

person 1: hey wanna listen to some dubstep?
person 2: no thanks, i would rather listen to something else because those noises are kind of annoying if i'm not high out of my fuckin brain.
by ybbagail December 17, 2011

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