babby's first electronica
<Sara> ....jack says he doesn't understand dubstep...
<Jack> wubwubwubwub HOOOONK
<Phillip> sounds like he understands it to me
by taco daddy December 01, 2011
A sub-genre of electronic music that has confusingly become one of the most reviled things in modern music. Less popular than similarly hated things like Justin Bieber and Nickelback, ultimately harmless.
"fuck dubstep."
-YouTube commenter offended that someone would dare to say a dubstep influenced song he likes is dubstep influenced
by ColeYote March 31, 2013
The "disco" of the 2010s.
I love dubstep, it is in no way a gimmicky niche genre which people will make fun of me for liking in 2022.
by Frisco Pete January 24, 2013
The sound that is produced when two Transformers have sex with a broken fax machine at the bottom of the ocean.
"What the hell are you listening to?"

"Dude, this is that new dubstep album I bought yesterday!"

"This is music? It sounds like robots gang-raping each other underwater."
by Man of the Year November 12, 2012
An electronic genre that is where sub bass is key, do not confuse it with brostep, which is made by artists like Skrillex, that have no soul in them, and are made to make money, much like the rest of America's music.

Dubstep is different than brostep. Remember that!
American: Do you wanna go listen to that new dubstep song by Skrillex?

Dubstepper: No, let's go listen to some actual dubstep like Skream or something.
by Vituperat February 26, 2012
"music" which sounds like chewbacca having a stroke.
john: "Oh god what are you listening to?"
paul: "Dubstep!"
john: "Sounds like chewbacca having a stroke."
by A despiser of dubstep. February 12, 2012
Music where some fucktards like and other fucktards hate.
Fucktard 1: Dubstep is amazing

Fucktard 2: That shit is fuckiing stupid

Fucktard 3: Womp Womp Womp Womp
by Poopyface223 January 22, 2012
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