Top Definition
Sexual intercourse or sexual actions performed while listening to any form of dubstep music. Makes everything sexier and dirtier by most people's opinions.
Me and my girlfriend were listening to dubstep last night and got in the moment, we had great dubsex.
by Sirencallss February 15, 2011
-Verb (dubsex-ing)
1. Having the most inexplicably erotic, mind-blowing, sexual experience ever while listening to dubstep music.

2. Sex that is soo filthy it tends to lead to a drunken stupor or even amnesia while listening to the music genre of dubstep.
Matt: Babe, lets listen to dubstep music when having sex.
Katie: Hells yea...(15 minutes later)
Katie: What just happened? Did I...Did you...WTF... that was amazing!
Matt: Now that was dubsex! ;)p

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