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A cannabis blunt. Often preceded by the adjective "p'tit".
-Hey L-A, what about smokin' a lil dubbie?
-yeah I feel like having cannabis in my lungs!
by gabeast March 13, 2006
Dubbie (Dub-E) not to be confused with Dubbie (Do-B) or Dubber is predominately a snide term used by fans of Japanese animation to refer to those who will only watch dubbed Anime series, it can be loosely applied to anyone who dislikes watching subbed foreign films and/or Television series.
You Dubbies are missing a lot by not watching the original subbed version, the dub is edited.
by Mavronumon April 16, 2015
Another word for joint that whites kids use to make themselves feel cool, or to try to fit in
" Yo man I just rolled a dubbie, wanna help me smoke it down?"
by Dubexx December 11, 2014
a picture taken with two people. just like a selfie with one person taken a picture of theirself only two people take a picture together of themselves.
hey sis let's take a dubbie. best friends take dubbies not selfies
by babygirl11684 March 10, 2015
A CD-RW or DVD-RW disc. First coined by Alstan Penlock.
Hey! Just stick it on a dubbie.
by miny_teph July 23, 2004
a Anime fan who is either really broke or really cheap,and only watches anime on Cartoon network or kids WB. they may also say stuff such as "Inuyasha is my boyfreind cause' i'm kagome!" annoys "Real" anime fans.
Dubbie:yu-gi-oh ROX!and inuyasha!
Person: O.o get out you little kid.
by Aquila-chan December 23, 2003
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