One who listens/dances to dubstep.
Youre a dubber?
by dj rusko February 12, 2011
This is a category of people who enjoy the dirty womp womp womps of dubstep. They are rivals to the ragers who listen to techno/house. There is a nonstop battle between "dubbers" and "ragers" which is why dubbers always look like they are beating the ground.
Hey man, did you see that dubber jamming out to skryllex?
by jekl May 30, 2011
either a bag or blunt of weed with a dub in it (thats a gram for you dumbfucks) aka a fatty
Yooo motherfucker, lemme get a dubber

You got a bag too? Lets match up, smoke a dubber
by yaboynekro October 12, 2007
1. One who dubbs
2. One who is the 'Dog Man'
3. One who rides in style with a pack (7) of dogs
4. One who only wears Under Armour and leisure suits
5. One who color coordinates thier Under Armour and leisure suits
6. One who speaks heavily about "domination" in sports
7. One who communicates with short phrases like "whatever" and begins half thier sentences with "Dah" and then a pause, like "Dah....crazy dubber"

Antonym: Gump or Gumper
The Dubber is going to work out...again today
by Tarek N August 23, 2006
a decent joint, usualy fat.
thats a fatty dubber, lets spark it.


lets sell these dubs.
by role playing game andrew brown October 22, 2006
A female, even lower down the class line than a Chavette. Dubbers don't work as they are single parents. They usually live in smaller towns i.e. Chorley. They are usually a few years behind with fashion as they buy clothes from the local market's end of last summer season, but one, sale. Usually have love handles & belly popping out from under their clothing as they haven't been able to buy any new clothes that fit since giving birth. They have greasy, lank un-colour treated hair and greasy bad skin. They wear less gold than a chav but do sometimes have the odd sovereign ring.
I bet that dubber got her pale purple coloured trousers at Chorley Market's end of summer season sale.
by scrunions r us November 25, 2007

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