1.someone who is really stupid/does stupid things.
2.someone displaying very little common sense.

Jesus Bryon you are such a du'bass for leaving the taoster plugged in when u were cooking in the pool.
by mattasaurussss August 02, 2006
a term used by people with stuffy noses to indicate that another person is stupid or has just done something stupid.
person 1: this new akon video is awesome!
person 2: you are a dubass. *sniffles*
by Kaybublz April 27, 2007
Dubass is an ironic term for "Dumbass". Spelled incorrectly on purpose.
That guy is a dubass.

Bunch of dubasses.
by FooFoo12 February 16, 2007
-how "dumb ass" sounds when you have stuffy nose or cold
joe: dude, you're such a dub ass!
tim: haha! you sound like a fag!!
joe: :(
by you.know.who May 06, 2008

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