While Dubai is also a city, it is also a term interchangeable with such phrases as "no way," "I can't," or "that's crazy." The term stems from the "bai" phonetically sounding like the English word "bye." The phrase is saved for special crazy or absurd occurrences or occasions.
Can you believe this mash-up right now... Dubai.
by DubaiIsTheNewFetch February 19, 2012
Where rich people go to flaunt their wealth.
Bill Gates has a house in Dubai. They all do.
by Chowder183 December 10, 2012
Dubai - when you have sex with a girl and then you say goodbye...to recap you do her and you said bye...(Dobye) then maybe you can see her do the walk of shame if your not drunk
That girl I work with I can't date her Jeff. Rick, just dubai her instead. You will thank me later.
by vooch23 February 08, 2011
A city in the United Arab Emirates (aka the middle of the desert) with lots of fancy architecture and artificial islands. Dubai was a noname town 20 years ago, but now suddenly wants to be on par with cities such as Chicago or Seoul.

Despite its "heavenly" appearance that its wealthy owners constantly brag about, the city faces many issues. About 80% of its residents are migrant workers who built the city but get paid jack shit and sleep eight to a room. They're not much better off than slaves. The city's economy and culture is completely built around tourism so naturally prostitution is very present in Dubai, despite being illegal. Children often are forced into being camel jockeys and are sometimes physically and sexually abused. Homosexuals get executed when caught, since being gay is illegal in the UAE.

The city will soon be home to the completed Burj Dubai, the world's tallest skyscraper. Also the tallest building in history to be built entirely by slave labor.
Joe: Wow, I heard Dubai went up in less than a decade? Isn't that amazing?

Shmo: Not really. It's not that hard to build a city when you have 1.3 million slaves doing it for you.
by BagelsForever March 13, 2008
One of the seven Emirates that make of the UAE. One of the fastest growing cities in the world along with shanghai and Bangalore. Even though many people believe that Dubai is changing the basis of the economy to a service based one, there is no denying the fact that the vast majority of it's prosperity comes from it's huge oil reserves. When the oil dries up so does all the new skyscrapers and other tacky construction projects which are all facades that cover up it's internal social problems including but not limited to growing labor problems and disputes, anti semetism, executing women for being raped by a men and an overall poor human rights record.
Some people want to compare the likes of dubai to great cities such as New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Paris. Dubai has some fancy high rises and man made islands shaped like trees while the other cities have heritage and history and have been contributing to the world for hundreds and even thousands of years.

When the Oil runs out the boom stops and the bust starts.
by mAgik bUS August 15, 2006
A wannabee New York. A bunch of show-offs who like to build tall buildings and pretend that they have power because they happen to have very tall buildings. Does London have very tall buildings? Not really. Does New York? Yes, but it also has character and the folks that built it at least had some freedom, and people from a certain Mideastern country called "Israel" are at least free to visit New York - which is more than can be said for Showoff City - excuse me, Dubai.
A friend: Wow, look at that, the tallest building in the world is going up in Dubai.
Me: Yeah, because someone in there has the world's most over-inflated ego.
by Rickyrab February 05, 2007

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