The Worst city in the whole entire world. A place for construction, Racial discrimination and sexism. The government and the police are biased. UAE nationals and fair skinned people are the best in dubai, all other nationalities suck There is nothing to do because of the heat. Oh my god and the construction workers. They are discriminated against, given such low salaries and some havent been paid for several months. They built the city goddamn it. Everything is sooooooooooooooo expensive there and it is not worth it. There is no street life in the new parts of dubai because of the construction. The amount of accidents which happen here is unbelievable, last year there were 600 road accidents, probably more. half the internet is blocked, the beaches are dangerous because there are dangerous creatures in the water. Overall, dubai is a crap place for losers
Dubai sucks, do not go there
by ggggdoom January 30, 2007
n. : modern bankrupt con-city of biblical proportions.

n. : world-class scam organized by a government, and involving insanely wasteful buildings erected by slave labor, sham investments of over $60B, massively fraudulent bankruptcies, etc.

v. : to con entire populations and world finances into the nastiest possible scam (see noun, above).
George Bush has basically dubai'ed the USA in that "war against terror" waged against his other "war against drugs".

We're killing our planet, and built Dubai.
by Ben Dubai, Sr. December 02, 2009
A friggin rich city. Unlike any dumb people who say it's economy is based on oil, barely ANY of it is based on that. It's mostly real estate, private banking, and world trade.

Huge and crazy projects are being built, like the Burj Dubai. It will be 900 metres (3 times the Eiffel Tower) high.

"Let's go build a second Eiffel Tower, Pyramid, and Tower of London! In the desert! Hooray!" - dubai real estate.
by dubai_kid December 06, 2006
You call something Dubai when your conception of it is trashy or fake. The adjective conveys the deception of the real life city of Dubai, beyond the shimmering surface there is nothing but shams and dirty money
" I can't believe she bought that dress, it's so Dubai!"
by alrexia January 30, 2010
DO buy! simply where money spent blindly ,a city constracted by the hands of the poor by money of the filthy rich to the rich ;camel jackys who just imagine and bring their imagination into truth wether the project is profitable or not as long as its financed by black gold revenue no need for pragmatism !its people pretend to be muslim but they are much far from it ,they consider who works for them their slaves!!
The worlds top 1 in all sorts of extravagant expenditures is dubai, city of festivals and highly expensive fireworks as seen in Dubai New Year's Eve Fireworks 2012!!
dubai is just the proof of ,the Tallest ,biggest , largest THING mentality of the corrupted arab oil world!
by cosmopolitanmind January 19, 2012
A very modern, sophisticated, fashionable city in the United Arab Emirates. I'm pretty sure it's still second in population to Abu Dabhi, but its stunning architecture and economic power more than make up for that.

Dubai is a very wealthy place, and to be honest, the amount of money that goes in and out of that place- and more importantly, the kind of extravagant & pointless shit they spend it on- is just completely ridiculous.

I'd compare it to Miami of the middle east, with less old people I guess.

be warned though, UAE isn't as civilized as America or the UK & and some of there laws are still pretty lacking
There was a french boy who got raped on a beach in Dubai and tried to report it to the police, but HE got thrown in jail for illegal homosexual activity. That's fucked up, huh
by wtflolifigured April 14, 2009
Where rich people go to flaunt their wealth.
Bill Gates has a house in Dubai. They all do.
by Chowder183 December 10, 2012

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