Stands for W P which is an acronym for White Power
Did that white boy just throw up dub p?!?!?
by [T RAV] May 06, 2009
Top Definition
Dub P is slang for the city of White Plains, NY. Located in Westchester County, this is one of the most diverse cities in Westchester, only 30 minutes from NYC.
yo where u from
dub p son
dub p...white plains kid
by diana February 03, 2005
This stands for "WP", which in turn stands for West Port, as in West Port High School. Or it could be the "wp" in wolfpack, West Port's mascot. This term originated among the more ghetto students at the school in Ocala, Florida.
I'm a senior at Dub-P.
by myponyhasamohawk August 11, 2008
means "dub...ble you P" (w.p.); WHITE PEOPLE
Person1: Ayyo, let's go in dat store.
Person2: Why? They ain't got nuthin' but dub-P fashions!!! (white people clothes)
Person1: Yo...wat we gone do 2day?
Person2: Lets go chill wit tha dub-P's!!!!
Person1: You so crazy!!!!!
by Vonna D July 11, 2006
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