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Code word for "White people". Comes from "double-U". A dubdub is a Caucasian who perfectly fits the "white people" stereotype.
Guy 1: "Homie its f-f-freezing our here. How the fuck is Blake over there in sandals, shorts, and a beater?
Guy 2: "I d-d-dunno yo.... Mothafuckas a Grade A dubdub fa sho.
Guy 1: "Tr-tr-t-t-trillzz"
by brylon713 January 08, 2012
a 22 oz bottle of beer or malt liquor.
I just cracked a dub dub of Colt 45.
by tomdobb April 03, 2009
1. 20/20

2. W.W

3. Rapper from Palm Beach Florida

4. Two bags of marijuana equaling $40
1. I can see fine, I have dub-dub vision.

2. The initials for Woodrow Wilson is dub-dub

3. We're living good now by dub-dub is always on the radio.

4. I got 40 dollars on me right now, time to get a dub-dub of that good sticky.
by sodarab February 09, 2011
The word is a semi-exclamatory which has a meaning of loving ______ Any name can be put into the blank.
Josh: Dub-Dub!
Chris: Really Josh. REALLY.
Tia: Whats with the words?
Viktor: ITABA!
by Jib-Jib November 07, 2011
A doublechin, where some has a fat rol under there chin and they have a na na ney
Gordon has a dub dub
by Jamie strane November 07, 2007