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- an avid follower of Lee Scratch Perry; a ritualistic listener or performer of dub music.
"When Lee Scratch Perry created Dub music, he fathered a 'dub cub' army."
by No Money King December 25, 2008
7 2
The act of doubling up in a cubby box. Such as sharing the locker with a friend at the gym, in which both parties place their belongings in the same locker space. NOTE: Can also refer to elementary school students, in which a new student arrives late in the school year, and is forced to share a cubby with a current student, since all cubby spaces have previously been filled.
Brian: "Gee, looks like the gym's pretty packed today. There's only one locker left to put our stuff in!"
Ryan: "That's ok, we'll just go dub cub today"
Brian: "Nice!"

Marissa (To her fellow 3rd grade classmate): "Looks like he's a new kid on campus, he's been going dub cub with that fat kid Mikey in our class as of late."
by Mr Natural June 06, 2007
4 8