Dumas (DOOM~us)
1)The smallest town in Mississippi

2)The most annoying b*tch ever
1)"Do you know how to get to Dumas?"

2)"Kate is such a Dumas"
by MLIA FOREVAH!! December 19, 2010
Dumás Pronounced::(Duh-monz)
1.A Fearless, fierce, flamboyant and demanding character.

2. Divo ; A male Diva

3.Over the top male.

NOTE:: No to be mistaken with Dumas (Doo-mahs)

Dumas: (Doo-mahs) is a dumbass
Dumás: (Duh-monz) is a Divo
He is so bossy! He's such an Dumás

He is fearless, he is Dumás
by QueenHoneyBee March 24, 2010
This definition originates from its debut commercial. It is the equivalent to dumbass.
Karen is such a dumas.
by MexicanShortie January 10, 2005
You are such a dumas!
by M0n@ July 17, 2008
It means Dumb ass
that guy is a DUMAS
by Sean Gray July 07, 2003
Adj. French name that may be used as an insult because of its similarity with another word.
That Mr. Perkins is such a Dumas
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
a multi purpose phrase that vietnamese people use for almost every meaning but most commonly used in lieu of "hello, hell yeah, hell no, i want to fuck, any curse word, im hungry, hide, gimme that, good night, and order up"
by table numba 5 March 22, 2009

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