A small town in southeast Arkansas.
Our football team is playing Dumas this Friday.
by Matt Nelson August 21, 2004
Dumas (DOOM~us)
1)The smallest town in Mississippi

2)The most annoying b*tch ever
1)"Do you know how to get to Dumas?"

2)"Kate is such a Dumas"
by MLIA FOREVAH!! December 19, 2010
This definition originates from its debut commercial. It is the equivalent to dumbass.
Karen is such a dumas.
by MexicanShortie January 10, 2005
You are such a dumas!
by M0n@ July 17, 2008
It means Dumb ass
that guy is a DUMAS
by Sean Gray July 07, 2003
Adj. French name that may be used as an insult because of its similarity with another word.
That Mr. Perkins is such a Dumas
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
a multi purpose phrase that vietnamese people use for almost every meaning but most commonly used in lieu of "hello, hell yeah, hell no, i want to fuck, any curse word, im hungry, hide, gimme that, good night, and order up"
by table numba 5 March 22, 2009

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