Deep Throat Professionals

Yall niggas DTP Deep Throat Professionals
Heard in a Tight Juelz Santana Freestyle.
by RJMason February 16, 2006
Down to Phone Sex
Laura: Hey baby i'm so horny for you

Kenny: DITTO, too bad i'm all the way in Africa....dtps?

by Sexysnowboarder December 06, 2010
Down to Play

(Guaranteed great adventures when used correctly)
Roxanne: "I'm bored. Are you DTP?"

Mike: "Hell yeah I'm DTP with you."
by nicnacbootyslapp November 29, 2010
Slang term reffering to the downtown portion of Pomona, an urban community in California. DTP, Downtown Pomona comes from reference to other cities like, DTF, Downtown Fullerton.
Lets go to DTP and get some drinks!
by Balloons!!! April 15, 2010
Acronym for Down To Pho. To have the desire to get pho soup noodles
Friend: Dude, I am sooooo hungry!

You: DTP?

Friend: Pho sho! Good idea!
by TheBigBuddha May 02, 2011
Similar to finding out that someone is DTF (Down to Fuck), but this is referring to the event previous to that. You find out that someone is DTP (Down to Party)
Dude 1- Dude i'm bored as fuck right now.
Dude 2- Dude, you DTP???
Dude 1- Dude....HELL YEAH!!!
by italianblackguy December 28, 2009
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