It stands for double take. Its what you say when you see a hott girl.
Yo man thats DT right there!
by pAtmOthAFnpRIcE March 24, 2003
To throw you friends under the bus in an effort to prevent them from getting ass, even though you have no chance at getting ass with that particular target.
Dude, Dan told Mandi I had herpes so I couldn't fuck her, even though he doesn't have a chance in hell. He fucking DT'd me.
by The Irish Clover February 27, 2008
detention. but not the detention for after school its juvenile hall
"I got caught smoking weed and they threw me in dt."
by Craig Grove July 20, 2006
De-Tention. Abbreviation for that pink slip one gets after violating a school policy.
"Oh man, for being late to school, i gots a DT."
by Pancho Villa January 17, 2005
"DT" Stands for Dream Theater(a kickass band.
Dream Theater rocks!
by TornReality October 02, 2004
Abreviation for the coolest stuff around.. DUCT TAPE
I used DT to make my suit for the prom!
I have wallet made of DT!
by KaimanaKenshin December 01, 2003
Dick Tease
Don't be a DT, Sarah, suck it or leave!
by turdburglar October 14, 2003

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