Dining at the Toes (English Spanking)
Seen on an escort girl site:
" Services (that I provide)...DT (Dining at the Toes English Spanking)"
by Matt Oissane December 27, 2006
An acronym for the words "Down to..."
To be 'down to ..' is to be up for anything to do.
Down to skate,
Down to sesh,
Down to fuck your mother.
Dude I'm so DT fuck her brains out.
by theskymightfall February 28, 2010
D and T are the fourth and twentieth letters in the alphabet, thus, DT stands for 420. It is commonly used to cover up when one or a group are about to smoke and there is heat*(see "heat") around, such as parents, teachers, cops, and employers. If questioned, it can be easily covered up as slang as well. (downtown, etc.)
"Yo, i'm hurtin'. Time for DT?"
"Uh, let's go sm...DT."
by JWJD December 05, 2006
a.k.a Dirty Texting,
like phone sex, but through text messages
"She's such a whore, she DT's everyone."
by MattyDay August 03, 2008
slang for Down Town. used often by Skiddies to refer to DT Saratoga.
You goin' DT tonight?
by Spot Conlin June 12, 2003
to insert your fingers into your own ass during intercourse.
Last night I DT'd my self when I was with Kristin...it was so hot!
by Bo J Bandit December 06, 2009
detention. but not the detention for after school its juvenile hall
"I got caught smoking weed and they threw me in dt."
by Craig Grove July 20, 2006

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