Dark Templar, a unit in Star Craft, permanently invisible (unless detected with a spell or special unit) and deadly in hand to hand battles. Merges into Dark Archons.
Crap! He's sending DT's into my base! Somebody send in detection!
by Zhipov October 28, 2003
Downtown. Commonly used in the bay area, referring to the popular area around the Westfield mall.
'Aye let's go DT today and watch a movie.
by ♥ Laylurr December 16, 2010
Let's go to dt next week!
by chiclit November 29, 2009
double trouble
Uh oh dt just came here, we better put on boyfriends on a leash.
by taas July 10, 2008
A diet that is so successful that one becomes a shadow of one's former self. The full word is abbreviated as a nod to the success of the diet in abbreviating the person, as it were.
After a blow out Christmas, he's had an amazing DT and has lost 10% of his body weight.
by ToryLad May 09, 2011
n. - The acronym of dead tooth used for convenience when speaking in the presence of a filthy fucking animal of an individual possessing a dead tooth.

v. - DT'ing

-Placing one's dead tooth near someone else's delicious food or item and thus ruining that person's meal and typically their entire day.
Charles- "Hey Ted, when Ron was all shitfaced last night did you see him DT'ing all up on your girls pussy in the club?"

Ted- "Well fuck yo, if Ron had his DT all up in my girl's buffalo gums, I c'aint eat that shit for weeks, blahhh!"
by zoyreigler April 13, 2011
Designated Talker for the orally impaired. i.e. Colin Field
DT where'd you hide my beer.
wow wow wow DT DT...
by Hayes killer July 01, 2010

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