(User was banned for this post)
-user submits dsfargeg

-user is banned
by rtildon April 25, 2007
Top Definition
a horribly obnoxious spam that originated in 4chan's early past, it has since become a meme.

it was used in conjuncture with an image of a red furry thing on a motorcycle with a man in a green jumpsuit, sauce not determined.
(user was banned for this post)
(user was banned for this post)
(user was banned for this post)

by Troko Lamont October 22, 2007
Sauce Determined - Red Character is Mukku, and Green one is Gachapin, both appear in Japanese television series "Hirake! Ponkiki".

Mukku has since been bastardized into DSFARGEG, an image of Mukku riding a motorcycle which, whenever it appears on 4Chan, is grounds for the user to be banned.
DSFARGEG in action -
Freakish Red Thing: (Something in Japanese)
Freakish Green Thing: (Something else in Japanese)
Both proceed to ride bicycles, fight crime, and both users are BANNED FOR THIS POST
by Euronymous8850 June 13, 2008
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