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snitching but not exactly snitching completly.
giving some clues or hints but not fully snitching
for instance rapper camron said.

"he threw up the roc before he shot me"
(hes talking about the incident where he got shot)

he didnt exactly say WHO shot him

but he did say, that whoever shot him is affiliated with jay z and or rocafella records.

jay z and nas called camrons statement "dry snitching"
by justus fischer aka jmurder June 18, 2008
45 19
dry snitching is the act of snitching by an asshole who is not the victim of a crime or an accomplice in crime looking to reduce a jail sentence or a criminal unrelated to the snitchee looking to trade up information fro immunity to prosecution .
a good example is someone who witnesses someone driving over the speed limit on the highway and reports the liscence plate to police . excerpt from hbo's the wire ; "is he locked up trying to shave some years ? " " nah , he just dry snitchin yo "
by bubonic ebonic diabolic February 13, 2011
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