a dry snitch is someone who tells on someone when they aren't involved in the situation at all, also an unnecessary snitch
1)bob throws a pencil at the teacher

2)then the teacher proceeds with her lesson without asking who threw the pencil

3)then jordan yells out to the teacher bob threw that pencil!

thus, jordan is a bitch ass dry snitch because the teacher didn't even ask who threw the pencil yet he still told her
by pat-loc and d-loc September 03, 2008
Top Definition
indirectly telling on someone
Standing within earshot of someone, saying loudly what you want that person to "overhear":

Within earshot of the boss, you say loudly, "Yuo know Ike is just blowing off the day. He came in late and has been sitting on his ass!"
by Jane Doe May 06, 2005
To indirectly snitch someone out, without actually informing on someone.
Russell flies Tom's Toy Helicopter on to the roof, Tom doesn't know yet. Dave is about to dry snitch.

Dave: Hey Tom, what's this remote control for?
Tom: That's for my new helicopter. Hey, where is it anyways?
Dave: Ohhh... I don't know, I saw Russell flying a helicopter earlier..
by ThatsNotNorml December 23, 2014
Telling on someone when it is totally unwarranted or necessary.
Dry Snitch: Hey Bob, Joe didn't take out the garbage at the end of shift last night.

Bob: I told him he didn't need to, so mind your business, you damn Dry Snitch.
by Duke Honeynuts February 11, 2008
a cunt that doesnt now how to enjoy a fuck.
" fiona is a dead loss, man - she's a dry snitch."
by habgo May 08, 2005
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