Its something to do when your to young to have
sex. Its like Dry Humping Which is humping
with cloths on.
Spencer and I had dry sex last night.
I cumed like so much.
by DeathFixation December 05, 2006
Sexual intercoarse were the femal is naked except for the panties. The man rubs his penis on her untill he cums. 97% safer that penis to vagina intercoarse.
by JKD February 24, 2003
its first and a half base.
sarah had dry sex with mitchell.
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
(1) term used in foreign country (Africa most likely) where the female puts various substances (baking soda for ex:) to put in her vagina before intercourse, if the female were not to have dry sex, and to become lubricated instead she will be referred to as a slut....hence AIDS

(2) like sex, just with clothes on
African women are recommended to have dry sex for social purposes
by sprinitra April 05, 2005
Sex with out the exchange of bodily fluids like u do it but he doesnt cum
dry sex was fun last night. he had his long dick in me but he didnt cum yet and we had lots of fun
by fuck me hard dick February 16, 2006
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