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A cunning device used to thwart muffin rapists.

To turn the tables on those dastardly muffin rapists one hollows out a muffin, fills it with a dry substance such as saw dust, eider down or lichen. When the delinquent thief snatches your muffin and devours it they are left with unpleasant dryness in the mouth.
"Hey Jaoquin, that vile muffin rapist Pedro has been giving me grief, lets see how he likes this dry muffin in his mouth!!"
by muffiosa March 19, 2009
A guy who looks good from far away in an ooh kinda way, but when you get up close, they are a disappointment. Much like biting into a dry muffin.
That tall blonde guy turned out to be a dry muffin damn it.
by muffinista March 17, 2009

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