hiccups induced by alcohol and being drunk
"Man you drank a bottle of Bacardi and you're hiccuping hella bad, you got the drunk-ups!"
by Ericaaaaaaaaaaaaa October 26, 2007
Top Definition
Hiccups caused by the consumption of alcohol occurring while an individual is intoxicated.
I saw Katie last night and she had the worst case of drunkups after going out drinking.
by Chapel Hill August 31, 2008
Working out while drunk often spontaneously or as a challenge at a bar or party. Derived from drunk push-ups.
Shane bet a free drink that Nan couldn't do 30 drunk-ups while at the pub.
by Fluff210 January 04, 2011
Hiccups resulting from consuming too much alcohol too fast.
"You have the hiccups!"
"No, they're drunkups!"
by kaboom & coco July 20, 2014
the state of mind when your so messed up that you think making up random words for urbandictionary are ok. like WTF
yo B-rad from malibus most wanted whats up with drunkup
yo f-fresh from the freshest illville ever we getting messed up thats whats up
by ilya-tke February 27, 2010
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