The action of going in for a cheeky snog with a member of the opposite sex while intoxicated. The action is often undertaken with no invite or announcement. The result is often surprise for the said member of the opposite sex, or embarrasment for the lungee, when avoidance tactics are employed.
Out drinking on the town and get chatting to chick, Dave went for the drunken lunge but she ducked and weaved away from him. He stumbled into the table and split some drinks. Very funny.
by ciaofornow August 05, 2009
Top Definition
When someone suddenly and rather clumsily goes in for a snog when they're drunk in a very obvious and not very attractive manner. This is also usually not appreciated by the person they're trying to snog
Last night he went for the drunken lunge
by littlesoozy October 27, 2009
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