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when you drunkenly fondle parts of partners/friends/strangers body that you would otherwise not if sober (and enjoy it not because you want them, but simply because alcohol has made you horny and antsy)

OR or allow partners/friends/strangers to fondle you after atleast one party has consumed a mass amount of alcohol.
friend1: oh no! i think i rubbed bob's man parts last night

friend2: it's ok, drunken fondles between friends are great!

bob: damn straight they are.
#fondle #drunk #horny #felt up #alcowhoric
by hellosally June 05, 2006
abusiveness to the extreme against other players or admins accusing of illegal chaets.
Entimology from Lord Fondlemaid, nice chap when sober, abusive reactionary when under the influence
He did a right drunken fondle on that server last night
by DizMatt July 29, 2004
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