1337 coder who has been slacking off on his work and need to stop playin fag RA2 and get to fuckin work
Drunken F00l is lazzy.
by ccnncc99 May 07, 2003
Top Definition
1337 coder
You're a drunken f00l.
by pwn April 03, 2003
Online idiot. Realted to the Half Life community.

See llama
Drunkenf00l thinks he is leet.
by Gabe Newell October 19, 2003
Best coder I've seen. Mistaken for Alfred Reyolds by a few n00bs over at King Kahuna's place.
DF just coded us up a new 1337 feature.
by FragBot June 07, 2003
Drunken f00ls pwn AA, ie; BITCH DOWN!
Wow, Drunken f00ls really pwnt meh in AA.
by Anti-Social Asshole July 29, 2004
A brilliant coder who made adminop but hijacked and used by King Kahuna to ban the voogru community
Official AdminOP Beta Server (-KLG- Hosted)
by Gungsta-Pasta August 02, 2003
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