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usually round in shape ,makes sound when hit with sticks
drum sticks
by smokey56754 August 13, 2005
83 49
A clip for an assult rifle. usally holds 100 rounds.
That nigga got a drum on that Kak-47
by Chi-Chi January 29, 2004
62 28
House, accomodation etc
I'm taking that bitch back to my drum...
by NQ1 November 09, 2005
50 28
neil peart....he has a drumset
Neil Peart is the drummer of rush, a very good band
by Aj February 16, 2005
77 56
your yard, your crib, your house
" come we go jam in my drum"
lets go to my house
by LiL Mi$cheif December 07, 2003
43 22
Drums are an articulated instrument of AWESOME PROPORTIONS. In a nutshell, drums are most commonly made from wooden or metallic shells, with head stretched over the tops and, usually but not always, bottoms. Cymbals are an included part of a typical drum kit, they're almost always metal of one sort or another :)

Drums require more detailed tuning than guitars, basses - pretty much all instruments bar pianos.

Drums are an unbelievable amount more difficult to play than typical "musicians" take them to be =D, because there are thousands more techniques to learn, study and master, so you know ...

Drums are also an aesthetic attraction to women - male drummers are to girls what girl bassists are to guys. SWEEEEET
Although! if you're in the gig to pose, sod off. Hah.

Drums (and thus percussion in general) are an instrument that, unlike the trumpet or piano, can be transfered seamlessly to any genre of music.

And drummers are the most modest of musicians :P real ones, anyway. I'm not explaining it, just accept it.
Hey, I play drums for a laidback jazz group in nice bars and clubs :)

... Wait, weren't you wearing your clothes a second ago?
No, wait! no, that's uh ... that's, not a drumstick.
by Jazzdrummer25 June 23, 2009
23 7
Chick magnet. Played by dudes to get girls 80% of the time.
"It doesn't matter what songs we sing. I'm a drummer. Chicks dig me." - Larry Mullen, Jr.
by Marky April 06, 2005
71 55