a drummer is one underated musician who plays the drumkit, and is part of the rythm section along with the equally underated bassist. The drummer holds the beat down, and the rest of band use him to keep time. Without him the entire band would collapse, although he never gets any credit for this. Drummers are stereotypically portrayed as moronic, ugly, stupid non-musicians, but this is not always true. (Sometimes it si though.) In reality, the worst thing most drummers have ever done to anyone is the live drum solo, almost as bad as the live bass solo, but most drummers steer clear of this.
guitarist- 'ahaha, you're a drummer, youre stupid and cant read music!'
singer- 'ahaha as well! you dumb me beautiful!'
bassist- 'screw you two, the drummers my best friend!'
drummer- 'im the one who organises gigs, provides the transport, cooks the food...etc. and keeps time for this entire band of numbskulls who can barely follow a bloody mertonome!'
guitarist- 'ahaha, you dumb!'
drummer- 'sigh'
by Whiten0ise July 09, 2006
The ONLY way any band or singer could ever suceed.
We hold toghether all music and are the greatest ever
We are constantly unappreciated among other musicians because our instruments look simple but take super human skill to play to a good standard.
We are never allowed to play at a band practice when other musicians are tuning/figuring out guitar/bass/synth because drums posses little ability to turn down volume but pads arn't fun and playing quietly isn't half as fun
We possibly are insane but this only aids the love we recieve from Women(apparently never happens to me) and because we play and instrument that requires hard physical work!
The hard physical work leads to mass sweating which in turn leads to mass taken off of clothes. This is part of the insaneness
There are some disadvantages
Lots of kit must be lugged everywhere
Setting up takes a while
Drums are expensive(but cool)
No appreciation from band
always at the back or back corners of the stage
Can't get up and run around
always need sticks which frequently brake

However despite this we are the greatest ever musicians and own all others because they need us! We are god like in our musicness

Guitarist"Everyone sees me at the front of the stage and notices my music and what im doing"
Drummer"No-one sees me at the back and althought my music is noticed it is behind all the other music that is going on"

However the guitarist can be replaced and although people notice the band sound the same
Replace the drummers its basically a different band because no drummer sounds the same
by sam sherwin June 19, 2007
The heartbeat of a band
My friend is a drummer and they keep the band together
by hello you July 10, 2008
What Neil Peart of Rush is!
That Neil Peart plays drums like no other...
by whoareyou July 08, 2003
the section of the band that for some reason happens to be quite hot. well at least the guys. watching thier hands is amazing.
Girl One: OhMyGosh! did you see that guy?! he is SO on the drumline!

Girl Two: No Duh! Drummers are totaly hot!
by grnphne2 January 28, 2009
Someone who can kick ass behind a drum set and stir up excitement in an audience. A drummer can rock you or soothe you, depending on the song. A gentle song needs a drummer that can create a happy flow. Often real drummers make people want to jump up and dance. Drummers play a full set of rock drums: at least one snare, at least 2 tom toms and one or 2 floor toms, 3 or more cymbals, plus a high-hat and a bass drum. More of any can be added any time. Chimes, gongs, orchestral bells and cowbells have also seen some pretty hard-hitting from drummers. There are some drummers that could be called drummers that play other styles of music than rap and rock, but they tend to be rare. Like, is Charlie Watts really a drummer when he plays jazz – give me a break.

Altho drummers don't always practice, they remain true to a genuine spirit of hard-hitting cooperation with other members of their bands, driving them ahead. They are also influenced by the music coming from other instruments and incorporate it into the overall experience, hence helping to shape the music. This is why other members of the band should always play well, since they are influencing the drummer.

Drummers have the Power of Rock 'n' Roll at their command.
We went to see Trail of Death (or some new band in town) and the drummer kicked ass!
by Rudolf Kurt Penner April 24, 2007
A musician that plays any type of percussive instrument, though the connotation of the word has developed around the drum kit, which is often played in a variety of musical styles such as rock, jazz, blues, country, punk, and metal.

Many stereotypes exist concerning the drummer both as a person and as a musician. The primary two are that drummers are unintelligent and that their instrument requires the least skill to play. Both of these are unfounded, as the drum kit is a completely different type of instrument than something such as the guitar, being percussive as opposed to musical. Thus, the skills required for a guitar and the skills required for drums are not comparable, though both instruments are highly difficult.

In a typical band, the drummer serves to create the basic beat for the song, with the bassist providing a connection between the musicality and the percussion (e.g. the guitar/singing and the drums) that allows the band to sound in sync. Most often located in the back of the stage on a raised platform, the drummer often is left out of the spotlight, hence the frequent claim that drummers are underrated and unappreciated. Nevertheless, they remain the backbone of most styles of music, and are indispensable in a band.

Some famous drummers include Keith Moon of The Who, Neil Peart of Rush, Ginger Baker of Cream, and Terry Bozzio of The Mothers of Invention, though these are only a few.
That guy is a drummer? Wow, just observing his level of awesomeness makes me feel terrible as a human being.
by TablaGuy October 05, 2007

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