The backbone of the marching band. They are often talented, but their talent is often wasted on their cockiness, arrogance, and loud behavior. A drumline mainly consists of attractive males, all of whom act bisexual at least ninety percent of the time. Contrary to popular belief, the drumline CAN read music. However, they usually act so unbelievably idiotic that no one could believe it. The drumline consists of four parts: The snares (arrogant douche bags), the cymbals (weird and unappreciated), the bass drums (constantly running into each other) and the tenors (cooler and calmer than the rest of the section and usually the best drummers). They are ungodly loyal to their instructors. Many seem unaware that they are still part of their marching band family and often form their own private clique.
The drumline was very talented, but they seemed unaware that their loud presence was interrupting the marching band's rehearsal.
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by Noraneko May 14, 2010
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The section of the band that is always misunderstood. They DO know how to read music (yeah drummers in the band also play mallet instruments in concerts, what a concept) and have the most challenging music, but band is NOT their life. They have to master playing 50+ different insturments, which is why most people find it so fun. Band directors usually blame the drumline for their problems.
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
the best part of the band who can infact read music! *gasp* shocker, I know. And are NOT all guys. -_-
Man, did you hear our kick ass drumline last night?
by THE Drummer CHICK May 17, 2004
Not a movie,let me reiterate, the movie drumline does not give a correct or accurate representation of drumline.
Drumlines are the backbone of a marching band and work the hardest making every not perfect. They do not dance around like gay homo's in the movie. People in drum corps drumline's are the best.
"Our drumline kicks ass"
"Lets go watch the cadets drumline in the parking lot"
by Scot December 10, 2004
Best thing that ever happened to the band. Consists of skilled musicians who dispite rumors can actually read music. Mesmorize crowds with our awesome beats (haha beats) and kick ass rythms.
"Yo man you heard the seabreeze drumline yet?" "Yeah dawg they off the chain"
by C.J. April 27, 2004
the best, most awesome section of the band who are always hot and know how to read music (yeah they really do, get over it)
Are you sure the drumline is with the marching band?
by king January 30, 2005
The most kickass, badass most groovin part of ANY marching band. Consists of boys AND girls. most guys on the drumline are hott. most girls on the drumline are the coolest most badass girls you'll ever meet. Woodwinds hate us because we are loud and have fun. Brass hate us because they want to BE like us. Conductors hate us because we have way more fun than they did in highschool. The Cadences are usually badass and really groovin. Most drummers HATE the movie drumline because it is nothing like being on the drumline. Drumline takes hard work and syncopated ears and hands. Drumline-ers pull pranks. Very good pranks. And it is a well known fact that most drummers are great kissers
What a cool drumline

DAAAAAYUUM, that snare drummer is hott.

I wish I could be on the drumline...
#drums #drummer #drumline #badass #drum
by Phantom Reggie August 18, 2008
1. Section of a marching band that marches while playing percussion and plays the cadence while marching onto the field for a competition
2. An awful movie with a whore core for a colorguard
1. The drumline is playing the cadence. They sound cool.
2. I just watched Drumline. Nick Cannon makes me want to cut myself.
#marching band #drum corps #percussion #bad movie #really bad movie
by asdfpoiuy November 28, 2005
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