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Someone who is both a drug dealer, and a man whore.
They are the foundation of our society.
After that boring lecture I had to go see my drugwhore.
by NotARapist April 21, 2005
a woman who has sex with MEN in exchange for something, possibly weed, money, or her choice of purchase
Skeeter is such a drug whore! She totally slept with those dudes for some weed. But I love her, we get to smoke for free!!
by anniefra March 21, 2009
A person who sell the drug and sell him/herself as well. He or she make profits from selling drugs mostly because they are not good looking.
Miley Cyrus is a drug whore. She pretend she has her body or look but she is just advertising marihuana
by Goodchild May 15, 2015
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