Drugstore cowboys originally referred to actors dressed as cowboys who could be seen daily at the drugstore coffee counters near the Hollywood studios after unsuccessfully trying to get parts as extras in the morning's open call.
Mavis couldn't get her morning cup of coffee and danish at Schwab's on her way to work because of the crowd of drugstore cowboys hogging the counter.
by Studio Tex March 23, 2006
Someone who robs pharmacies to steal prespcription drugs for later resale on the black market.
"I went drugstore cowboy on that clinic, straight riskin' my life fo them pillz dog!"
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
A popular internet blogger and vlogger, known for his retellings of near-misses with the moderately attractive "ho's" that he attempts to score with throughout the San Fernanado Valley.
The Drugstore Cowboy is recognised for his creative vocabulary when identifying different types and attributes of the female and her anatomy.

See also "Drugsto' Cowboy" in Urban Dictionary.
"She started askin me all kinda questions about Terrance but I wanted to keep the conversation on the two of us so I broke teh news to her about his lazy eye and how he smells like Fritos."
-From the blog, "Ho's and the Olympics" by The Drugstore Cowboy
by Ryan Bodel January 03, 2009
a word that originated in the 1920s, describing a guy that constantly tries to pick up on girls... not necessessarily successfully.
jay and silent bob are unsuccessful, yet HOT drugstore cowboys
by nonsense August 12, 2003
A man who hangs around drugstores, mainly to impress woman.
Drugstore cowboys are not really cowboys at all. They are womanizers.
by Light Joker July 04, 2004
gigalo and a drugstore cowgirl is a slut
Rebecca met her drugstore cowboy in the alley that night.
by Justin April 06, 2005
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