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When you do drugs yes you will feel good but you should realize that you are not gonna live for more than 40 years, you are just killing yourself with your own hands, teenagers please don't do drugs , drugs dont work, they just make you worse.
Pothead: hey you wanna relax and forget about pain in life? smoke this shit up

Person 2 : get that shit ( drugs) away from me, pothead.

Ecstacy Junkie: hey you wanna have some good time?

Person 2: fuck off junkie.
by Aiden Banks December 16, 2007
56 123
The best thing left in life since the man(communist ),this gay society(communist and gay),and this poserifically gay(communist) counter culture have all made life not even worth living.
Life is not even worth living but drugs make you not care.
by freedom is dead,, ( x x ) October 12, 2005
47 136
Marijuana isn't a drug dumbfucks!!!
It is 100 percent natural grown herb that has many benefits to society. The only people who call it a drug are the wet-back hating crackers. Its because of them that it is illegal in us till today. That thc bullshit is a cover for the main reason.
Meth is a drug, crack is a drug, cocaine is a drug because its laced with benzine, not pot!
Drugs are bad for you... Smoke pot instead.
by !Natedog! December 04, 2006
56 162
There are two types of drugs:

1) Good drugs: These have been given to you by a doctor to make you better whatever the case may be. Examples are penicillin.

2) Bad drugs: There are many examples of these. Heroin, crack, cocaine, speed, etc. Once you try these, your hooked (or should that be 'fucked'?). There are many diffrent reasons why people take these drugs but the important thing to remember is, they'll ruin your life.

Let us not forget that alcohol and caffeine are drugs too.
Two examples of drugs:
1) Doctor: Take two of these everyday and you'll feel right as rain in about two weeks.

2) Person X decided to try coke. He got addicted to it and fucked up his life.
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 27, 2006
69 191
Something people take to look hard.

The more hardcore the drug the harder you are.

If you sell them to kids then you'll get a record deal.
50 cent : "Stage rapping ass niggaz ain't sold no drugs"
by Jesus March 22, 2005
60 184
mind or mood altering substances that eventually turn you into a shambling, sweaty, brain dead sack of crap incapable of doing more than cadging spare change from people with jobs.
"Drugs are totally harmless, man - look at, like, Jim Morrisson!"
by charlie January 24, 2003
111 265
anyone who does them is a retard plain and simple
guy 1: hey you want drugs?
guy 2: i dont want to die are you crazy get the hell away from me
by Kimbo slice July 14, 2006
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