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Drug: an incorrect past-tense adjective of drag, as in dragged.
Another example of made-up words used by our colonial cousins across the pond
The Grizzly Bear 'drug' the Black Bear from down the tree trunk - really?!!
in English: The Black Bear was 'dragged' from the tree trunk by the Grizzly Bear.
by Campaign for real English July 04, 2013
4 1
1)any of various chemical substances altering one's perceptions.
2)intoxicating member of the opposite sex.
1)ciggarettes, alcohol, and heroin are very bad drugs, whereas herb isn't a drug at all.
2)you are the perfect drug.
by NIN420 July 23, 2003
89 88
Edward Anthony Balthazar Lucas @_edlucas
"Oh I wanna go on a mad one tonight, shall we get some Ed?"

"Ed Lucas is drugs"
by Naomi Lapaglia February 07, 2014
0 0
Air freshener
What are drugs?

I think you use them as air fresheners.. I dunno
by JesusNigguh May 09, 2012
3 3
wonderful and delicious tasting things that sometimes make your front feel funny.
can be inhaled
smokes or sprinkled on icecream
"want to SMOKE some drugs marylu?"
by spider-can July 10, 2008
29 29
The cause and answer to all of life's problems.
I was stoned and forgot to bring home Taco Bell for my girlfriend so she broke up with me. I took a few shots of whatever shitty liquor i had in the house, and smoked a couple blunts. I didn't even feel upset at all anymore. Drugs really helped me out there.
by Word Wizard Guy April 02, 2012
5 7
proof god wanted us to be happy
guy 1: dude drugs are bad for you

stoner: you only say that cuz its illegal, bro...they help me escape the troubles for a bit
by ale-ale-jandro August 25, 2011
8 12